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GRANULDISK is a part of Sandberg Development AB and based in Malmö, Sweden with headquarters, manufacturing and R&D. GRANULDISK was founded in 1987 and is the market leader in the field of commercial pot washers using Granules. GRANULDISK is represented around the world by subsidiaries, dealers and service partners. We are constantly devising new areas of application through innovation and development processes, which in turn generates new customer groups.

"We save our planet, one drop at a time, by providing the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solution for commercial kitchens."

What we do.

GRANULDISK offers a smart, sustainable and economical solution that eliminates manual stages. The wash system mixes PowerGranules with high-pressure water and a small amount of detergent for an efficient mechanical scrubbing effect. The blasting power, in combination with high temperatures, washes hygienically clean in a matter of minutes using in average 70% less water, energy and chemicals than any other pot washing method.

A smart, sustainable and economic solution that eliminates the need for pre-washing. 

GRANULDISK pot washing machines are a Swedish innovation which have been on the international market since 1987.

Our story.

From the first unique idea to the global enterprise that GRANULDISK is today; nothing would have been possible without the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Gunnar Sandberg that has influenced us from the start and still to this day distinguishes us from the rest.


Innovation and R&D.

Our in-house R&D team works take base in vital input from the market via our Customer Satisfaction Process (CSP) to build stronger and better products that suits the needs of tomorrow. With support from our in-house laboratory with over 30 years' worth of experience, we're always working on the next generation of GRANULDISK equipment to wow the world.

Swedish quality.

Every GRANULDISK commercial dishwasher is built to order and personally assembled by one person, with great care and focus on the details. Every single machine is built in our factory and under our supervision, and has to pass our quality controls. A GRANULDISK product is a work of art and skill, similar to high quality sports cars and watches.

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Approvals, certificates & awards.

In our efforts to make GRANULDISK products safe and secure for everyone to use and be around, we take great care when it comes to respecting industry standards and guidelines. GRANULDISK is also a brand that has received many awards for its sustainable characteristics and innovative engineering and technology.

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100% customer satisfaction.

Our goal to make every single customer satisfied with their GRANULDISK equipment is measured by means of frequent customer calls during the first 3 years - our Customer Satisfaction Process (CSP). During this time, we take great care to offer both on-site training and also fine tune the equipment with suitable accessories so as to give our customers the perfect potwashing support for their own individual operations.

GRANULDISK ❤ environment.

The GRANULDISK environmental policy is not only evident from the sustainable benefits of our products, but is also integrated in everything we do - and how we do it.


GRANULDISK worldwide.

GRANULDISK is a company based in Malmö, Sweden. We work exclusively with Sales and Service partners in a worldwide partner network and do not sell directly.

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We're a steadily growing company and always looking for new markets and more professional people to join our team.

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