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Swedish Quality.

We believe that the quality in what we do is defined by those around us - not by us.

As complete customer satisfaction is our target we focus on continuous development based on our customers' input.

To ensure that we remain in turn with the market, we ask questions, listen and act accordingly so as to go on improving our products, services, and processes for everyone in our business network.


We aim to exceed your expectations.

Our quality goal is to exceed our customers' expectations at all times. We promote teamwork and regularly educate our own staff and our partners' staff so as to maintain good, long-term relationships with our clients.

Inhouse quality control.

Before delivering a machine, our in-house test engineers carries out a thorough testing programme. When the test is completed, the engineer signs off on the approval.

Our PowerGranules are continously inspected within the framework of the GRANULDISK quality program.

A wide range of high quality Granule commercial dishwashers.

Thanks to a quality policy and a dedicated team, we are proud to offer a range of efficient, high-quality Granule commercial dishwashers with steadily decreasing warranty costs. Regardless of operation size, type or segment - we've got a Granule solution for you.

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