Economical Potwashing
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A GRANULDISK solution is an investment that is highly profitable from day one, thanks to the sustainable nature of Granule Technology.

Lower consumption and lower running costs - faster return on investment.

GRANULDISK wash solutions are investments that quickly become profitable in more ways than one, thanks to the sustainable No Pre-Washing concept.

Water, chemical and energy saving.

Decreasing the consumption of water and chemicals in turn also decreases energy consumption, which will result in substantially reduced running costs.

Short ROI.

ROI time of between one and two years, when replacing a manual pot washing setup with a GRANULDISK wash solution.

Leave the hard work to a machine and free up staff for more rewarding tasks.

Washing pots and pans is normally associated with hard work and lots of time spent scrubbing and pre-washing, before placing the washware in a dishwasher; manual procedures and a waste of resources that you can well do without.

No Pre-Washing – eliminates the manual stages for a more efficient operation.

Granule Technology for pots and pans puts an end to all pre-washing by eliminating the manual stages that are normally required: soaking and scrubbing. Instead, the wash process is so efficient that pre-washing is no longer needed and the entire wash process can be carried out inside the pot washer instead.

What you get is a streamlined and compact washing solution that frees up both space and time.

What will you do with the time you save?

With the washing up handled once - in one single location - your staff will have more time left over to focus on more rewarding and revenue-generating tasks around the kitchen. What can you do with the time you save?

Reliable washing solutions for more stable operations.

Never doubt a wash result again. Granule Technology delivers top wash results day in and day out while the fast wash process increases capacity - meaning you can allocate fewer hours to washing up.

Less is more.

With your pots and pans back in the loop much more quickly, you won't need so many and can in turn spend less time and use less staff handling them.



Want to know what you could save?

GRANULDISK offers free Business Evaluations in which your current pot washing costs are compared to your potential savings with a GRANULDISK pot wash solution. All calculations and reports are carried out and presented in local currencies.