Business Evaluation - Switch to Granules and Save
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Let us calculate your possible savings.

Want to know what you could save by switching to a GRANULDISK wash solution? Let us help you out by comparing your current costs with your potential savings in a Business Evaluation.

Personalised report in your local currency.

A Business Evaluation is an easy way to compare your current pot washing solution (manual or machine) with a Granule wash solution from GRANULDISK. Based on your individual data input (i.e. price of water, detergent and energy) we prepare detailed calculations and comparisons in a clear overview, with charts and diagrams showing your estimated annual savings and daily costs.

All in your local currency and free of charge.

The GRANULDISK Business Evaluation compares your current potwashing solution with a solution from GRANULDISK and presents you with figures and tables showing your potential savings in your local currency. Contact your local GRANULDISK office or one of our Certified Partners in your area for more information.