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GRANULDISK After-Sales - Making Everyday Work Work.

After making the decision to invest, taking care of the investment becomes your next focus. In after-sales, daily cleaning is every bit as important as making sure that the machine is maintained with regular servicing in order to ensure a simple and worry-free day to day operation. Here's how you do that best.

Need More PowerGranules ?

Keeping a correct volume of PowerGranules and changing Granules when prompted is crucial for maintaining optimal wash results.


Did you know that for every centimeter the Granule level drops, your pot washer loses 20% of its wash power?


Stay on top by checking the Granule level against the markings in the collector sides daily and changing PowerGranules when prompted.

Need to buy more PowerGranules?
Contact us for more information on dealers in your area.

Need Additional Accessories?

Find the right match for your needs with our easy filter and watch videos of how all available accessories are used.

Or contact us if you want our help evaluating your needs on site.

Daily care & preventive maintenance.

GRANULDISK pot washers are designed to be cleaned simply and efficiently. That’s because we know the importance of daily cleaning for optimal wash results. It's every bit as important as making sure that the machine is maintained with regular servicing.

Always use a GRANULDISK authorised service company to do your servicing and maintenance.

Spare parts.

GRANULDISK guarantee spare part availability for at least 10 years once the model has been taken out of production.

We work exclusively with Certified Service Partners and do not sell directly. Contact us for information on Certified Service Partners and dealers in your area.

 Find a Service Provider.

GRANULDISK works solely with authorised service companies and has one or more local partners on all markets in which we operate.

Contact us for information on Certified Service Partners in your area.