Sustainable Commercial Dishwashing
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Environment - before, during, and after. GRANULDISK wash solutions are predominantly built from recyclable materials. During their lifespan, they provide a more resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly pot washing alternative and also substantially improve the working environment for pot washing staff.

This is how using GRANULDISK products leads to a better environment - both within and outside of your operation.


Recyclable materials and resource-efficient products.

Granule Technology is a more sustainable kind of pot washing method as it wastes far less water, energy and chemicals and reduces your running costs, while at the same time providing an environmentally more sustainable operation.

Up to 70% recyclable materials.

We're constantly working to make our products and technology even more sustainable - both to build and to run. Our environmental policy affects both our products and their benefits and is deeply integrated in everything we do. For example, GRANULDISK machines are predominantly made using recyclable materials, with over 70% made from stainless steel.

Continuous improvement programs.

We are also continuously focusing on optimising the efficiency of our technology in order to shorten program lengths even further and in turn use even less water and energy in the future.


A better working environment leads to happier staff and less sick leave.

How can a dishwasher contribute to a better, more secure working environment? The answer lies in the innovative nature of Granule Technology.

Eliminating pre-washing creates a safer work place.

By eliminating the pre-washing stage the entire washing-up process can be handled from a more ergonomically correct working position. Standing erect and not having to bend over to access steaming sinks or move heavy, water-filled pots around the kitchen means less strain on the back and shoulders and the operator runs less risk of coming into contact with scalding hot water and harsh chemicals.

Steam reduction for a more pleasant work environment.

Steam reduction efficiently reduces the amount of steam released into the wash room and is available for all our models. It is fitted as standard on several models. The optional add-on unit EcoExchanger combines steam reduction and heat recovery (available for Granule Smart and Granule Maxi) and reduces the amount of energy required to heat the rinse tank by up to 40%.



Ergonomics and user focus in the design process leads to less work-related injuries.

All GRANULDISK wash solutions and accessories are designed to provide an upright working position at all times and help avoid heavy lifting and bending and lifting. Handles on doors and hatches are grip friendly and balanced so that anyone can use them, regardless of size and strength. Operator panels are placed at average eye level and have large, clear buttons with simple info graphics.

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