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GRANULDISK steps up the battle for the planet with new biodegradable Granules.


Biobased, biodegradable Granules made from calcium salt, rapeseed oil, and biodegradable esters. This is the latest innovation launched by ware washing company GRANULDISK.

– We all need to act in the battle for the environment and PowerGranules BIO is our latest contribution, says Mikael Samuelsson, CEO at GRANULDISK.

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Commercial kitchens use a lot of water for cooking, cleaning, and washing. In the ware washing area the water, as well as energy, and chemical consumption is especially high. Something GRANULDISK, founded 1987, has a resolution for.

– Our solutions use in average 70% less water, chemicals, and energy than any other pot washing method. This is something we are very proud of, but at the same time we are not the ones to settle. We continuously want to improve ourselves and that is why we have tested and tried for hours and hours to find PowerGranules BIO. It has a 25% lower CO2 footprint and demands 87% less water in the manufacturing process than our original PowerGranules, says Ulrika Ahnfelt, Product Manager at GRANULDISK.


Saving the planet is what GRANULDISK loves to do.

To contribute to a better environment, inside and outside of the customers´ operations, has always been a passion of GRANULDISK.

– New PowerGranules BIO is a way for us to further our sustainability goals. It can be used repeatedly and will last on average 2 500 cycles, depending on programs, machine type, and what you wash. This means you will be able to wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 before you need to change the batch, says Ulrika Ahnfelt.

PowerGranules BIO is in full compliance with the EU requirements for use in contact with food, and harmless in case of ingestion.

Eliminating manual washing in sinks.

GRANULDISK ware washing solutions wash with Granule Technology, which utilizes high-powered water in combination with Granules, and high temperatures, for perfectly clean wash results. Granule technology dramatically decreases the use of water, mainly by eliminating the need to pre-wash pots and pans in sinks. Using less water means less water to heat up, which leads to lower energy consumption. Also, because the Granules and high-powered water are doing most of the cleaning, chemicals can be reduced by approx. 50%.

– Globally, manual washing in sinks is still the most common way to handle dirty pots and pans. GRANULDISK is on a mission to eliminate the pre-washing and washing in sinks one drop at a time, and at the same time provide the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solution. Water scarcity is a huge problem around the globe, and we all need to do what we can to preserve this precious asset that all humans are dependent upon, says CEO Mikael Samuelsson.

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