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A new ware washer perfect for supermarkets and delis: Granule Smart+

Stubborn chicken grids with burnt-on food scraps can finally be cleaned and sanitised in an instant. Granule Smart+, is a match made in heaven for kitchens with a broad variety of wash ware and developed especially with customers within retail in mind.

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Say goodbye to endless hours of soaking and scrubbing. New front-loaded Granule Smart+ fits in less than 1 sqm and will clean and sanitise all wares used to cook food in a professional kitchen. It is blessed with dual power: Plus mode for crockery, glass, and plastic ware, as well as Granule Technology™ for pots, pans, chicken grids and other items that needs an extra boost. It is developed with customers within retail in mind but can also be a great match for other types of kitchens with a broad variety of cook ware used for preparing food.

Prepared to fit all customer needs.

Granule Smart+ has a smart built-in loading table, but can also be operated as a system, with multiple baskets and trolleys.

– Granule Smart+ is available in four editions, aiming to fit different types of customer needs. Each edition comes with a selected accessories package and can be further customized. There are two editions especially developed for retail customers: Retail Edition and Retail FreeFlow Edition. These editions are created to make it easy to handle both wares like chicken grids as well as more delicate deli counter display ware, says Product Manager Ulrika Ahnfelt Gran.

Savings like you have never seen before.

For customers that have never used a ware washer from Granuldisk with Granule Technology before there are a lot of savings to learn about. Granule Smart+ saves up to 2,8 litres of chemicals, 1,400 litres of water, and 50 kWh energy per day compared to manual washing in sinks. Granule Smart+ washes up to 7 GN1/1 per cycle and up to 168 GN1/1 or GN1/2 per hour. Not having to pre-wash and soak means massive time savings when the Granules do all the hard work. Wares will be clean and sanitised in just 2,5 minutes.

– Granuldisk is on a mission to eliminate the pre-washing and washing in sinks one drop at a time, and at the same time provide the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solution. Our ware washing machines use Granules, water, and a small amount of detergent to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean. The blasting power combined with high temperatures washes hygienically clean in a matter of minutes, using in average 70% less water, energy, and chemicals than any other pot washing method. New Granule Smart+ will improve the ergonomics and work environment and provide various beneficial savings for the customer, says Ulrika Ahnfelt Gran.

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For more information, please contact:

Ulrika Ahnfelt Gran
Product Manager, Granuldisk
+46 (0) 76 100 22 73

Annica Bystedt 
Trainer & Product Specialist, Granuldisk
+ 46 (0) 76 885 09 80,


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