The GRANULDISK No-Prewashing Concept
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Brilliantly clean washware with a responsible use of resources. The Granule Technology is the result of over 30 years' of experience of washing-up, in combination with continuous product development. Incorporated within our sustainable washing solutions, it leads to lower running costs, a better work flow and a generally more organised operation. From mise en place, through the production kitchen and on out into the dining area - whatever you need to wash, leave it with us.


Brilliantly clean in 2 minutes - no pre-washing.

GRANULDISK wash solutions wash with Granule Technology, which utilises the power of high-pressure water in combination with PowerGranules and high temperatures for perfectly clean wash results.

HACCP and food safety.

GRANULDISK wash systems comply with international hygiene guidelines drawn up by influential industry organisations such as NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung - German Institute for Standardization). Computer-controlled wash and rinse tank temperatures secures a hygienically safe wash result, every time.

Stay on top of hygiene.

To help in your HACCP process, all GRANULDISK machines keep track of and enable easy access and export of wash log data.


More value, less cost.

A GRANULDISK solution quickly becomes profitable thanks to a concept that is sustainable in several ways.

Less sinks = Less waste.

Granule technology dramatically decreases water use from day one, mainly by eliminating the need to pre-wash pots and pans. Less sinks = less waste.

In turn, the efficient technology also ensures that the job inside of the machine is done using less water, which reduces consumption even further.

Less energy & chemicals.

Using less water means less water to heat up, which leads to lower energy consumption. Also, because the Granules and high-pressure water doing the cleaning, we also hardly need any chemicals - at all.

Faster wash process saves time, space and cuts costs.

The fast wash process provides higher capacity and allows you to spend less time and allocate less staff to the task of washing up. With clean pans back in service faster, you won't need as many pans in circulation and can in turn reduce both quantity and storage space.


Environment - a green conscience and happy, healthy staff.

GRANULDISK wash systems save time, cut costs and free up space. But there's also another type of benefit, within and outside of your operation: the environment.

Clean - but not at the expense of our environment.

Everyday tasks like washing-up might seem unimportant but when considered in the long term it is evident that it accounts for a great deal of waste. Even a small change can make a huge difference.

Sustainability and working environment in symbiosis.

Granule Technology is one of the most sustainable solutions on the market today but also significantly improves the working environment for the user. It is a solution that will improve the environment within and outside of the wash room by reducing consumption and providing a more pleasant and endurable work environment.


Say 'YES' to No Pre-Washing.

GRANULDISK offers a smart, sustainable and economical solution that eliminates manual stages.

The wash system mixes PowerGranules with high-pressure water and a small amount of detergent for an efficient mechanical scrubbing effect. The blasting power, in combination with high temperatures, washes hygienically clean in a matter of minutes using in average 70% less water, energy and chemicals than any other pot washing method.

Just scrape, load, wash.

Granule Technology makes washing pots and pans as easy as one-two-three. Or, to be more specific: scrape, load, wash. Just scrape off loose bits and pieces, load your pans and push the button. Done.

Blasting power.

Washing with PowerGranules is washing with blasting power and when the Granules are set in motion inside the machine they can be compared to the power of thousands of hands using scourers.

More than 80,000 hits per second.

The PowerGranules strike the surface of the utensils more than 80,000 times per second. The force is so powerful it cleans anything - from slightly soiled to even burnt- or dried-on food in only minutes. That's why Granule pot washing is superior to manual pot washing in sinks and traditional water-only pot washing - methods which, in contrast to Granule pot washing, also requires soaking and pre-washing.

Hygienically clean washware.

A GRANULDISK solution does all the work for you and eliminates all need for pre-soaking and scrubbing in soaking sinks. After a completed wash program, only one thing remains; visibly and hygienically clean pots and pans.

3 millimetres that make a world of difference.

The key to the No Pre-Washing concept for pots and pans lies in something very tiny. 3 millimetres, to be precise. The small blue Granules are what set us apart from everyone else and we've chosen to call them PowerGranules, as power is what they bring. But they're so much more than 3 mm Granules - they're the difference between hard and easy work.