Commercial Dishwashers
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Widest range of commercial dishwashers with Granule Technology.

GRANULDISK offers the widest range of Granule pot washers currently available on the market and there is something to fit all types and sizes of kitchen operations.

No matter if you prepare 50, 150 or over 3,000 hot meals per day - we have a Granule wash solution for you.

A wide range of models to fit all types and sizes of kitchen operations.

The GRANULDISK range includes several efficient wash solutions, all incorporating Granule Technology for pots, pans and utensils.

Pass-through and front-load models.

GRANULDISK wash solutions are available in two basic machine design conceptions: front-loading models and pass-through models, which are to be installed with infeed and outfeed tables.

Adapt and personalise with different editions and accessories.

Our machine models are available in different setups with one or more baskets, cassettes and inserts - sometimes in combination with one or more trolleys. The different setups are called "editions".

Each edition has been developed to offer increased capacity add flexibility and/or provide alternative loading options.

Accessorise for the perfect fit.

Each of the editions can be easily tailored to your individual needs by simply adding one or more smart accessories.

Your perfect match.

Granule Technology will work for any type or size of commercial kitchen that prepares more than 50 hot meals a day.

However, to determine which model is right for you, we need to make a more detailed onsite observation of your processes, as well as your water and electricity supply.

Get an indication of potential fits with our easy Product Finder.

If you want a general selection of models that might suit your operation, you can use our easy Product Finder to narrow down your options. Base your search on either machine type or on the items you need to wash.

Want to see our wash solutions in action? Wash them LIVE.

If we are to believe in something that sounds too good to be true, this often means that we need to see it with our own eyes. That's why the first thing we want our customers to do is experience our No Pre-Washing concept live in a Live Wash demonstration.

A Live Wash is either conducted at a local showroom or - better still - in the wash room of one of our happy customers. Contact us to find out what's available in your area.