Front Loaded Commercial Dishwashers GRANULDISK
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Stand-alone solutions.
Our front load models offer vertical washing in a compact setting. Their stand-alone design makes them placeable and allows you to install them virtually anywhere in your wash room.

Add accessories for increased capacity and flow.
Several of the front-loading models are available as trolley systems.
You can also adapt your pot washer to your own setup by adding extra baskets, cassettes and trolleys for increased capacity and optimised flow.

Granule Flexi

Compact, front-loading Granule utensil washer with adaptable interior and loading options on two levels, using various interchangeable rack inserts.

  • Pot washing
  • 200-500 hot meals per day
  • Available in two different editions - Gastronorm and Flexible
  • USB port for export of HACCP data
  • Accommodates the entire GN range – max. depth 200 mm - perfect for 65 mm deep pans. Also loads saucepans, bowls and pots

Granule Smart

One of our most compact machines ever, requiring less than 1 m2 floor space and 2,034 mm height. Stand-alone design with lower door hatch that folds down as a built-in loading table for the basket.

  • Pot washing
  • 400-1,500 hot meals per day
  • Standard edition - customise and optimise flow with trolleys and accessories
  • USB port for export of HACCP data
  • High capacity for the GN range, especially 65 mm deep pans. Also fits saucepans, pots, bowls, chopping boards, baking trays etc.

Granule Maxi

Loading options on two levels. Great fit for a heavy flow of washware or large, deep pans. Available in several editions - compact or as a flexible system with one or more mobile cassettes and trolleys.

  • Pot washing
  • 400-3,000 hot meals per day
  • Available in three editions - standalone or as system with mobile cassettes and trolleys
  • USB port for export of HACCP data
  • Accommodates large and deep GN pans (perfect for 2/1 and 200 mm deep pans), pots of all sizes, bowls, saucepans, baking trays, sheet pans etc.

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Finding your perfect match in the GRANULDISK range requires us to make a personal visit to your premises to assess your conditions in more detail and determine which models might suit your operation.

Contact us or your local GRANULDISK dealer to arrange a personal visit for your business.