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Granule Maxi - 3 Editions Offer Maximum Capacity for Medium to Large Kitchens and for Offshore Operations

Front-loaded Granule utensil washer available as compact solution with a retractable loading cassette, or as a flexible system with one or more cassettes and trolleys. Customize with smart accessories to accomodate and wash almost any kitchen utensil.


8 GN 1/1 or 4 GN 2/1 per cycle up to 192 GN 1/1 or 96 GN 2/1 or 384 GN 1/2 per hour

200 mm deep pans


Saves up to 226 liters
per cycle

Compared to manual washing in sinks, washing 8 GN 1/1 in ECO cycle


Clean wares in 2 min 30 sec
- No Pre-washing!

Wash with or without


Saves up to 8.4 liters per day,
up to 2500 liters per year

 Manual washing in sinks compared to ECO cycle - 1500 meals per day, 300 days per year


Video Live Wash with Granule Maxi FreeFlow Edition


Maximum Output for Production Ranging from 400 to 3000 Hot Meals a Day

The Granule Maxi model is suitable for large scale food production facilities, preparing between 400 and 3000 hot meals a day - and beyond. However, the food production and distribution processes are of great importance and might override the meals per day indication. The Granule Maxi model comes in three different editions - Compact, Flow and FreeFlow. Wash almost any kitchen utensil with ease with the help of a few accessories.

EcoExchanger - Heat Recovery and Steam Reduction in one for an improved working environment and lower energy consumption.

EcoExchanger is steam reduction and heat recovery system built into one. The thought-through design only builds 230 mm on top and keeps the total install height low. The efficient steam reduction captures the vapor from the wash cycle and reduces the amount of steam released into the room after completed programme. 

The heat recovery feature recycles heat energy from the vapor and uses it to heat up incoming rinse water, resulting in up to 33% lower energy consumption for heating the rinse tank.

Three Editions to fit Medium to Large Kitchen Operations.

Do you have one or four square meters to spare? What items and how many do you need to wash every day? How many meals per day do you produce and what is your day like?

All of these parameters needs to be taken into consideration before deciding on an Edition of Granule Maxi - and it's not necessarily the largest and most flexible system that will work best for your kitchen.

Compact Edition - Fits in Just 1.5 m2 and is Suited to Operations Producing Between 400 and 1500 Meals a Day

Compact Edition offers the highest capacity per square meter of all the Granule Maxi Editions and can wash up to 192 GN 1/1 per hour in just 1.5 m2 in floor space. Suitable for operations that prepare between 400 and 1500 meals/day and consists of a Granule Maxi machine fitted with a retractable cassette insert.

GN pans are loaded by sliding them into the metal guides of either the upper or lower sides of the cassette and pots can be loaded directly onto the bottom grid of the cassette. Add suitable accessories to provide further loading options.

Flow Edition - for Improved Flow and Increased Capacity in Operations Producing Between 1000 and 3000 Meals per Day

Flow Edition fits kitchen operations that prepare between 1000 and 3000 meals/day and have a little bit more space to allocate in the pot wash area. Includes 2 cassettes, 1 cassette trolley and two sets of wall hooks to hang the cassettes on when loading and unloading. Creates an efficient flow and permits multitasking. While one cassette is used in a wash cycle, the other can be emptied or filled.

If there is a future increase in capacity demand, the system can easily be expanded by adding one or more cassettes, trolleys and wall hooks. The Flow System will help you make more efficient use of your time, space and utensils in the kitchen and in the long run even allow you to reduce the number of utensils you need. In turn you will need less room for storage.

FreeFlow Edition for Maximum Flow, Flexibility and Capacity in Operations Producing Between 1000 and 3000 Meals a Day

FreeFlow is the most flexible and efficient of the four Granule Maxi Editions, and fits kitchen operations that produce between 1000 and 3000 meals a day. The Granule Maxi machine comes with 2 cassettes and 2 trolleys, but you can add more if you feel additional capacity will be needed. The FreeFlow System offers maximum flexibility and flow and also saves time, as the trolleys can be used to transport the cassettes with clean items back to the storage location instead of carrying them or using a mobile trolley.

The FreeFlow System will help you make more efficient use of your time, space and utensils in your kitchen and in the long run even allow you to reduce the quantity of utensils, which in turn leads to less room needed for storage.

Preparing 3000 meals per day, or more?

Every kitchen is unique and there is no "one size fits all" solution. For anyone with large scale kitchen operations in excess of 3000 meals a day, a Twin or Mix solution (double setup or a mix of two models) might be the way to incorporate Granule potwashing and still have an ROI of less than 24 months - but often much less.

Read more about Large Scale Operations here.

Marine Option for Offshore Operations.

Granule Maxi Marine Option is a version of the Compact Edition, suitable for installation on oil rigs or ships, for example. Offshore operations present very different conditions compared to normal kitchen scenes, as the movement of the waves causes the centre of gravity to change constantly. To prevent interruptions due to this, and to make the machine safe to use, we have adapted the design to include a series of functional and safety precautions to ensure a stable, reliable and safe potwashing solution for offshore kitchen operations. Read more about Granule Maxi Marine Option here.

3 simple programs for perfect wash results - with or without PowerGranules.

Three pre-set programs wash hygienically clean in a matter of minutes using a minimal amount of water, energy and chemicals. PowerGranules eliminate the need for aggressive chemicals, pre-washing and soaking, while the final rinse cycle and high temperatures ensure hygienically clean wash results.

Choose between Granule Optimized cycles for pots and pans, and the milder but still very efficient high-powered water programs for Teflon coated, plastic, perforated items as well as lightly soiled pans.

Just scrape, load and push the button.

Smart apps for HACCP control and reminders.

HACCP, wash and rinse temperatures, when was the water last changed? These are a few of the things we think you shouldn't have to worry about. Which is why we've made sure our machines do it for you with the help of a few smart applications and built-in control systems. You just go ahead and cook and let us handle the rest.

Always in control of HACCP with HACCP Log.

The operating system in GRANULDISK pot washers logs all HACCP-essential information for up to 200 wash cycles through the built-in HACCP Log feature. The data - containing valuable information such as wash/rinse water temperatures, programme lengths, interruptions and alerts - is easy to follow up on and helps you ensure that your pot wash operation always complies with HACCP protocol.

The data can be accessed and viewed directly via the display in the control panel or easily downloaded to a USB stick through a built in USB port. Import the data to a computer for storing and for adding it to your HACCP reports.

Automatic reminders for change of wash water, PowerGranules and book service appointments.

GD Memo is a built-in counting and reminder system that keeps track of wash cycles and remembers when it's time to change PowerGranules or the water or when to book an appointment for maintenance - so that you won't have to.

Not sure yet? Look at one of our other wash systems or let us help you find a perfect fit.

We have five machines in total to choose from, and if you're new to GRANULDISK finding the right product can be tricky. Contact us or a local GRANULDISK dealer to help to decide and planning your kitchen.