Granule Maxi - Accessories & Inserts
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Granule Maxi Accessories

Our selection of smart accessories for Granule Maxi helps you load and wash almost any kitchen utensil and can also increase the flow and capacity of your solution. Click below for a short video demo of loading options and areas of use.

(C) = accessory is included in Compact Edition    (F) = accessory is included in Flow Edition    (FF) = accessory is included in FreeFlow Edition


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Multicassette for Granule Maxi Flow/FreeFlow (C/F/FF)

  • Art.No: 14469

Sliding multicassette - loads up to 8 GN 1/1 oans or 4 GN 1/1. Medium and large pots are loaded directly in the bottom of the cassette.

Holder for small GN pans

  • Art.No: 25549

Holder for GN containers size 1/3, 1/6 and 1/9. Used with the Multicassette.

Dividers for GN containers, sizes GN 1/9-2/3 (C/F/FF)

  • Art.No: 19313

Divider for GN containers, sizes 1/9- 2/3. Placed in the Multicassette.

Lid- and tray holder

  • Art.No: 10950

Lid and tray holder for up to 9 lids or trays at a time. Placed in the bottom of the Multicassette.

Insert for baking trays

  • Art.No: 22017

Insert for up to 8 pcs. 600 x 400 mm trays, max 20 mm edge. Placed in the bottom of Multicassette.

Pot- and saucepanholder

  • Art.No: 10972

Multipurpose holder with hooks to hang saucepans, containers etc. from.

Holder for smaller bowls and pots

  • Art.No: 10004

Holder for smaller bowls and pans. Used with Multicassette.

Utensil holder

  • Art.No: 10362

Holder for utensils such as whisks, ladles, beaters etc. Used with Multicassette.

Holder for storage of accessories

  • Art.No: 10595

Accessory holder for storing of inserts and holders, when not in use. The holder can be hung from either side of the machine.

Cassette Trolley (F/FF)

  • Art.No: 19138

Cassette trolley. Used to take the multicassette in and out of the machine. Cassettes can also be wheeled around the kitchen.

Drip tray for cassette trolley (FF)

  • Art.No: 14565

Drip tray for cassette trolley, prevents water or food dripping on the floor.

Net basket with lid

  • Art.No: 21477

Wire basket with lid, for washing smaller utensils such as whisks, ladles etc.

Cassette hooks with wall protection for Granule Maxi Flow (F)

  • Art.No: 10694

Cassette hooks with wall protection. Cassettes can be hung on a wall for loading, unloading or storage. 2 pcs.

Granule collector (C/F/FF)

  • Art.No: 11918

Granule collector ‡ 8 litres. Used for collecting and storing Granules. 2 pcs needed for full Granule Maxi set.

Scraper (GN/FLEX)

  • Art.No: 21838

Scraper for prescraping of containers and pots.

PowerGranules 10 litres

  • Art.No: 22633

Verified top wash results and long-lasting; wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 pans with one batch.

PowerGranules 20 litres

  • Art.No: 22634

Verified top wash results and long-lasting; wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 pans with one batch.