Granule Potwashing for Large Scale Operations
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Granule TECHNOLOGY FOR Large Scale Kitchen Operations.

Granule Technology may be efficient, but one machine can only do so much... So for operations exceeding 3000 meals per day, we simply install two, three or as many machines as you need to enjoy the same fantastic wash results, guaranteed hygiene, fast throughput and decreased running costs as our other customers.


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Granule Technology for operations preparing more than 3000 hot meals per day.


Our definition of a large scale operation is kitchens preparing 3000 or more hot meals a day. Besides that, a large scale kitchen is no different from an operation serving 50 meals per day, and the demands and needs are still the same; perfect hygiene, keeping costs down and simply getting the job done.

More efficiency, less space.


Operating a large scale kitchen is all about efficiency. And fittingly enough - so is Granule Technology. It doesn't matter if you need one, two or three machines to meet your needs - you'll still save and get more done in less floor space than any other solution, as sinks are no longer needed. No pre-washing - cancel the sinks.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 - anyone can operate it.

Can you count to three? Using a GRANULDISK machine is as easy as that; scrape, load, press the button.

As easy as one, two, three.

GRANULDISK machines deliver, regardless of the hour of the day - the same perfect results every time. The simple, easy-to-use control panel makes it easy to operate and understand and for anyone to use.

Keep costs down and results up.

Granule Technology will always be a more efficient method compared to other techniques - and the natural side effects will always be lower operating cost, faster washing processes and impeccable hygiene.

The Granule Technology substantially reduces water, energy and chemical consumption and ensures top wash results. More done in less time, more value for less money and more power from less energy. 

HACCP: monitor, view, store - relax.

Catering for a lot of people means that a mishap in hygienic routine can considerably harm your good name and endanger people's health. In short  - it can never be allowed to happen. GRANULDISK machines offer perfect, hygeinically safe wash results and follow several hygiene standard guidelines for you so that you feel absolutely secure.

A wash program is performed using PowerGranules or High-Powered water that washes visibly clean. A final optimised 85-degree rinse cycle concludes the program, neutralising any remaining micro-organisms.

Easy monitoring and simple HACCP interface.

GRANULDISK machines have a built-in HACCP interface that lets you monitor and store washing data from all run wash programs, including vital data such wash and rinse temperatures, interruptions etc. You can also view the most recent 99 wash programs directly in the display.

Reliable solution for a reliable operation.

Catering for a large number of guests on a tight schedule demands a lot from the production process, but also from adjacent processes. Everything just has to work, non-stop - regardless. 

GRANULDISK machines are easy to learn and easy to use, which make them easy for just about anyone to handle. No risks of stand-still due to sick leave or other staff shortages. Your potwashing solution will keep on going. And going.

Multiple Units or Mix of Models for an Ultimate Potwashing Operation

Every client is unique and the larger the operation, the more important it is to choose the right combination of machines. Whether a twin machine installation or a mix of different models is better for your operation, it all comes down to thorough planning and investigation.

But all you have to know is that we will solve your washing-up situation and ensure you benefit from it. From day one and for years to come.




or see it in action ››