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Marine OPtion – Fit for a Life at Sea.

The special conditions in an offshore operation makes stringent demands of equipment in terms of functionality and efficiency. Space is often scarce, yet the demand for high capacity remains and equipment has to perform just as well as in any other kitchen, regardless of the current state of the ocean: a gentle sway or more of a roller-coaster ride.

Granule Smart Marine Option.

Granule Maxi Marine Option.



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Efficient pot washing for offshore and marine kitchen operations.


Marine Option is an optional configuration of two existing models – Granule Smart and Granule Maxi Compact Edition. The marine versions differ from the original designs in a few but vital respects, helping you cope with the sometimes trying conditions at sea and ensuring safe use.


  • Feet can be bolted to the floor prevent the risk of  the machine tipping over
  • Double level sensors to ensure robust, consistent operation
  • All maintenance parts can be reached from the front and sides of the machine - handy as the machine is bolted to the floor and hence difficult to move
  • Door-locking mechanism  on the Granule Maxi model fixes the doors in open position while loading & unloading the cassette


Which model should I choose?

Marine Option is ordered as an add-on to the regular versions of Granule Maxi Compact and Granule Smart. Which of the two models to go for depends on your utensils mix and covers per day, but also available floor space and ceiling heights of the intended wash room.

Granule Smart: space-saving solution for operations preparing 400-1500 hot meals per day.

Granule Smart fits small to medium size operations, serving up to 1500 meals per day using mainly in GN pans. Only occupies a small area and the built-in loading table saves space, which makes it perfect for smaller and/or cramped areas.

Granule Maxi: for operations preparing up to 1500 hot meals per day.

For slightly larger operations preparing up to 1500 meals per day, or utensils set up by a variety of of pots and GN pans and have a little more space to spare, Granule Maxi is more suitable.

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