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Granule Smart Marine Edition Accessories

Our selection of smart accessories for Granule Smart Marine Edition helps you load and wash almost any kitchen utensil. Click below for a short video demo of loading options and areas of use.

NB. Accessories marked with * are included in Standard Edition


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Standard wash basket*

  • Art.No: 19999 (1 pcs included in standard delivery)

Capacity: 6 GN 1/1 65 mm. Equipped with small hooks, which enables small containers to be loaded directly into the basket..

Insert for trays

  • Art.No: 19992

Insert for 2/1 baking trays, grids, chopping boards and GN 1/1 lids. To be placed inside Standard wash basket.

Multiflex holder for saucepans, small bowls, sieves

  • Art.No: 20554

Capacity: 3-5 saucepans, small bowls, sieves etc. To be placed in the Standard wash basket.

Holder for bowls & pots with integrated ladle holder

  • Art.No: 13756

Support for smaller saucepans, bowls and sieves with integrated holder for ladles, whisks etc. To be placed inside Standard wash basket.

Flexible pot holder

  • Art.No: 13789

Rubber band with 2 hooks. Secure pots, bowls or saucepans firmly to the sides of the Standard wash basket. One or more bands can be joined together to create larger hoops.

Pot basket

  • Art.No: 21423

Holds up to 2 large pots. Used instead of Standard wash basket in the machine.

Holder for storage of accessories

  • Art.No: 6001159

For storing of inserts and accessories when not in use. Hangs on side of the machine.

Scraper (GN/FLEX)

  • Art.No: 21838

Scraper for prescraping of containers and pots.

Granule collector *

  • Art.No: 21550

Granule collector used for collecting and storing of PowerGranules. Capacity: 8 litres.

PowerGranules 10 litres

  • Art.No: 22633

Verified top wash results and long-lasting; wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 pans with one batch.

PowerGranules 20 litres

  • Art.No: 22634

Verified top wash results and long-lasting; wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 pans with one batch.