Pass Through Commercial Dishwashers GRANULDISK
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Natural flow and separation of clean and dirty areas.

Our pass through models are designed to be installed with entry and exit tables and create a smooth, seamless washing-up area.

With their natural separation of clean and dirty areas, these models will help maintain a good hygiene routine and avoid cross-contamination in the pot wash area.

Install alongside a wall or in a corner.

Pass through models can be set up in a table system, either straight, alongside a wall or in a corner
- whichever suits your layout and flow best.

(Only available on the European market.)

Granule Gastro

Great fit for the Gastronorm-based production kitchen - loads the entire GN range directly into the basket.

  • Pot washing
  • 200-1,000 hot meals per day
  • USB port for export of HACCP data
  • High capacity for GN 1/1 pans max. depth 65 mm
  • Accommodates GN pans, pots, bowls, grids, trays, chopping boards etc.


Granule Combi

Combines the award-winning Granule Technology with traditional dishwashing for plates, cups and cutlery.

  • Pot washing + dishwashing
  • All in One Edition: up to 300 meals per day
  • Dishwashing Support Edition: 200-1,000 hot meals per day
  • USB port for export of HACCP data
  • Accommodates GN pans, bowls, grids, trays, boards etc. + plates, cups and cutlery.

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Finding your perfect match in the GRANULDISK range requires us to make a personal visit to your premises to assess your conditions in more detail and determine which models might suit your operation.

Contact us or your local GRANULDISK dealer to arrange a personal visit for your business.