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Run Granule Combi as Powerful Potwasher with Smart Crockery Feature, or as 3-in-1 Solution for all of Your Pots, Utensils and Plates.

The unique Granule Combi model combines the award-winning efficient Granule Technology for pots, pans and utensils with traditional dishwashing techniques for plates, cutlery and most types of crockery. Use as 3-in-1 solution, alternating pots and crockery in smaller operations, or as a powerful pot washing solution with crockery support feature in medium kitchens.

(Only available on the European market.)


6+1 GN 1/1 or 1/2 per cycle,
up to 161 GN 1/1 or 1/2 per hour

Crockery: 1 wash basket per cycle - 33 per hour

65 mm deep pans


Saves up to 200 litres per cycle

Compared to manual washing in sinks, washing 6 GN 1/1 in ECO cycle


Clean wares in 2 min 30 sec
- No Pre-Washing

Wash with or without


Saves up to 3.5 liters per day,
up to 1000 liters per year

Manual washing in sinks compared to ECO cycle - 600 meals per day, 300 days per year


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Patented sensor auto-detects wash ware and selects appropriate wash program.

The unique Granule Combi is the world's first machine ever to combine Granule Technology with crockery washing (decreased water pressure) for plates, cups and cutlery.

A patented sensor helps the machine detect what type of basket is loaded and automatically selects the appropriate wash program for you - potwash or Combi-mode. No risk of accidently treating your cups or plates with too much power - just load your wares and push the button. We'll handle the rest.

Combi-mode works with all standard 500x500 mm plastic wash baskets, while the potwash programs run with a stainless steel baskets and accessories.

World's first 3-in-1 pot washer with wash programs for pots, pans and crockery.

Granule Combi features 3 different types of wash programs; Granule optimised and high-powered water programs for pots, pans and utensils and Combi-mode for most types of plates, cups and cutlery.

Granule Combi can be used in two ways: an all-in-one solution that handles all your dish and pot washing needs in one machine, or as a pot washer with dishwashing support.

Use as space-saving All-in-One solution for operations serving up to 300 meals per day.

All-in-One Edition handles all your pot and dishwashing in one machine and replaces the need for a separate dishwasher. Fits operations cooking and serving up to 300 meals per day and spend 2-2,5 hours dishwashing.

... or as a powerful pot washer for 200-1000 meals per day + crockery support.

Dishwashing Support Edition is a Granule pot washer with dishwashing support. Fits operations that prepare 200-1000 meals per day and need a reliable pot wash solution, that can also take the load of the dishwasher during peak hours or low season.

Standard edition covers the GN range - customize further by adding accessories.

Granule Combi is ideal for kitchens where the majority of the cooking is done in GN containers. The stainless steel wash basket included in Standard Edition will load the Gastronorm range and hold up to 12 small GN containers and even some types of pots and pans without any extra accessories.

To fit additional utensils and larger trays and boards, simply add a few smart accessories and inserts.

Need extra capacity? Add a High Capacity accessory package.

Let Granule Combi grow with your business or get extra capacity from the start by adding a High Capacity accessory package. The package includes an extra potwash basket and a multipurpose insert, which together improves flexibility in your washroom by offering the possibility to multitask by filling/emptying one basket while the other is used in a wash cycle. The insert is placed in the standard wash basket and enables loading of GN 2/1 trays, grids, baking trays, chopping boards and GN 1/1 lids. Read more and browse for other smart accessories here.

Designed for integration with tabling system.

A Granule Combi machine is designed to be installed with tabling, either set up either along a wall or in a corner. The tables in combination with the pass-through design creates a fluent and smooth washing up area that naturally separates clean and dirty items - a welcomed side effect that ensures a good hygiene routine and helps avoid cross contamination in the pot washing area.

As the Granule Combi is not your everyday pot- or dishwasher, the table setup requires some extra thought. Read all about installing Granule Combi with tabling and how to connect the machine to an existing crockery inlet in our Tabling Recommendation brochure (click to open PDF).

Ergonomically designed for ease and flexibility.

Automatic hydraulic hood motion eliminates an otherwise repetitive and heavy task for the kitchen porters to open and close the machine. When a wash cycle is finished the hood will rize, and closes as a new wash program is selected.

The machine's interior has been designed to cause as little resistance as possible when sliding the basket over the edge from a table and onto the basket wheel, not needing more than a gentle push.

3 simple programs for perfect wash results - with or without PowerGranules.

Three pre-set programs wash hygienically clean in a matter of minutes using a minimal amount of water, energy and chemicals. PowerGranules eliminate the need for aggressive chemicals, pre-washing and soaking, while the final rinse cycle and high temperatures ensure hygienically clean wash results.

Choose between Granule Optimized cycles for pots and pans, and the milder but still very efficient high-powered water programs for Teflon coated, plastic, perforated items as well as lightly soiled pans.

Just scrape, load and push the button.

Combi-mode for plates, cups and cutlery - patented sensor auto-selects wash program.

The Granule Combi crockery feature for cups, plates, saucers and cutlery - Combi mode - with decreased water pressure and no PowerGranules. A built-in patented sensor automatcially detects what type of wash basket is loaded and switches to Combi-mode when necessary. The patented sensor cuts your decisions down to zero; just load, push the button and let the machine handle the rest.

Smart apps for HACCP control and reminders.

HACCP, wash and rinse temperatures, when was the water last changed? These are a few of the things we think you shouldn't have to worry about. Which is why we've made sure our machines do it for you with the help of a few smart applications and built-in control systems. You just go ahead and cook and let us handle the rest.

Always in control of HACCP with HACCP Log.

The operating system in GRANULDISK pot washers logs all HACCP-essential information for up to 200 wash cycles through the built-in HACCP Log feature. The data - containing valuable information such as wash/rinse water temperatures, programme lengths, interruptions and alerts - is easy to follow up on and helps you ensure that your pot wash operation always complies with HACCP protocol.

The data can be accessed and viewed directly via the display in the control panel or easily downloaded to a USB stick through a built in USB port. Import the data to a computer for storing and for adding it to your HACCP reports.

Automatic reminders for change of wash water, PowerGranules and book service appointments.

GD Memo is a built-in counting and reminder system that keeps track of wash cycles and remembers when it's time to change PowerGranules or the water or when to book an appointment for maintenance - so that you won't have to.

Not sure yet? Look at one of our other wash systems or let us help you find a perfect fit.

We have five machines in total to choose from, and if you're new to GRANULDISK finding the right product can be tricky. Contact us or a local GRANULDISK dealer to help to decide and planning your kitchen.