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Technical Specifications - Granule Gastro.

Granule Gastro is a pass through hood-type model, designed to be fitted with entry and exit tables. Creates a smooth, seamless washing up area and also naturally separates clean and dirty items – a welcome side effect that ensures a good hygiene routine and helps avoid cross contamination in the pot washing area. Automated hood motion makes life easier for the kitchen porters.


Design Hood-type pot washer, pass through model and rotating basket.
Outer dimensions
(H x W x D)
2,339 mm (± 25) x 850 mm x 1,002 mm
Loading volume 220 litres (Ø 700 x H 570 mm)
Weight (filled / empty) 403 kg / 304 kg
Wash tank volume 83 liters
Rinse water volume 4 litres (ECO programme) 8 litres (Short / Normal programme)
To achieve 3,600 HUE in accordance with NSF/ANSI 3, 8 litres is necessary.
Granule volume 8 liters
Wash water temperature 65 °C
Rinse water temperature 85 °C
Sound pressure level <70 dB(A)


Wash programmes with Granules ECO: 2 min
Short: 3 min, 10 sec ***
Normal: 5 min, 10 sec ***
Wash programmes without Granules ECO: 2 min sec
Short: 2 min, 40 sec ***
Normal: 4 min, 40 sec ***
Max. / normal capacity per hour (normal capacity incl. handling) 156 / 120 GN1/1 or similar in other pots
Capacity per programme 6 GN1/1 65 mm depth or 3 GN1/1 up to 200 mm depth and3 GN1/1 up to 65 mm depth or similar in other pots.


Voltage** 3~ 400 V, 415 V/50 Hz + PE / 3~ 230 V/50 Hz + PE
Fuses (at max output 11.9 kW) 25A (400 V, 415 V) / 40A (230 V)
Fuses (at max output 16.9 kW) 32A (400 V, 415 V)
Max output (hot fill) 11.9 kW
Max output (cold fill) 16.9 kW
Wash pump motor 2.6 kW
Rinse pump motor 0.37 kW
Heater wash tank* 9 kW at max output 11.9 kW (14 kW at max output 16.9 kW)
Heater rinse tank* 9 kW at max output 11.9 kW (14 kW at max output 16.9 kW)
Enclosure rating IPX5


Hardness / Connection Total hardness: 3-7 °dH, 5-12 °TH, 53-125 PPM / ¾” BSP male (DN20)
Note: Reverse osmosis water and distilled water must not be used.
Connection A 11.9 kW unit: 1-6 bar, 15 l/min, 55-65 °C (Hot fill)
16.9 kW unit: 1-6 bar, 15 l/min, 5-65 °C (Cold fill, optional)
Connection B 11.9/16.9 kW unit: 1-6 bar, 15 l/min, < 20 °C
11.9/16.9 kW with Steam reduction (option): 3-6 bar, 15 l/min, <20 °C


Ventilation recommendation
with steam reduction
150 m3/h
Ventilation recommendation
without steam reduction
400 m3/h
Heat emitted to room with steam reduction (total/sensible/latent) 1.2 kW / 0.4 kW / 0.8 kW
Heat emitted to room without steam reduction (total/sensible/latent) 1.6 kW / 0.4 kW / 1.2 kW
Drainage pipe Pipe Ø 32 mm
Capacity requirement 50 l/min. No drain pump, gravity drain.
The machine must not be placed directly over a drain.
Detergent and drying agent are required Detergent and drying agent; 230 VAC signal is available from a separate box. Max load total 0.5 A


* Never operate simultaneously.
** For all available voltage options, please turn to your sales representative or consult a valid pricelist.
*** 30 sec longer with steam reduction.

Granule Gastro is supplied with a 2-metre-long power cable (without plug) for connection to an approved mains switch. The mains switch is not included in the delivery.



Granule Gastro is a pass through solution and needs to be installed with infeed and outfeed tabling to function optimally.

Talk to your GRANULDISK sales representative or your preferred Certified GRANULDISK Sales Partner for more information.


Ensure a more pleasant working environment for staff and lower the ventilation demands in the area by adding steam reduction to your solution.

Talk to your GRANULDISK sales representative or your preferred Certified GRANULDISK Sales Partner for more information about steam reduction for Granule Gastro.


Zoom: right-click picture and open in new tab.

(A/B) Water inlet. (C) Drain. (D) Detergent/drying agent connection. (E) Electrical connection. (F) USB port.