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More Power, Less Pre-Washing.


PowerGranules is a patented brand of Granules from GRANULDISK, optimised to be used in GRANULDISK potwashers for a sparkling clean result.

The exact right shape and density.

The PowerGranules brand has undergone thousands of hours of development and testing to attain the exact right properties.

As a result, the Granules have the exact right shape and density to give a satisfactory wash result in use with GRANULDISK pot washers; hard enough to clean effectively, but at the same time soft enough not to damage the goods or the wash system.

In fact, they will rather polish the pans and in time, have everything shine like new.

The material used for the PowerGranules brand is approved for use in contact with food and harmless in case of ingestion.The material is in full compliance with the requirements of FDA (U.S. Food Drug Administration) for use in contact with food. 

Patented brand assures optimal removal, top wash results and durable machines.

PowerGranules is a patented brand of Granules developed by GRANULDISK.

  • Use PowerGranules with GRANULDISK potwashing machines for a tested and tried guaranteed top wash result. Read more

  • The two-colour mix differentiates PowerGranules from other brands, and also indicates the different size mix for optimal hit and removal rates.

One filling of PowerGranules is enough to wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 containers.

PowerGranules are used over and over again and will last in average 2 500 cycles, depending on most frequently used programs, machine type and what you wash. In more revealing numbers, this means you will be able to wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 before you need to exchange the batch of PowerGranules in the wash tank.

Fill up regularly for top wash results.

To maintain the impeccable wash results, it is essential to always have the right volume of Granules in your machine. To be sure, simply check the Granule level daily.



  • 10 litres | # 22633
  • 20 litres | # 22634

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