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More Power, Less Waste.

PowerGranules is a patented brand of Granules from GRANULDISK, optimised to be used in GRANULDISK potwashers. Tested and tried for hours and hours, to find a mix of Granules with the right shape, density and size, to efficiently clean pans and eliminate pre-washing - forever.

The core of Granule Technology.

Granule commercial dishwashers from GRANULDISK use PowerGranules mixed with high-pressured water and a small amount of detergent to wash pots, pans and other kitchen utensils clean in a matter of minutes. The abrasive cleaning effect of the PowerGranules replaces all need for manual scrubbing, soaking and any preparation of the wares.

Just scrape, load and push the button.

More science, less magic: 80 000 Granule hits per second.

Inside the wash tank the PowerGranules are mixed with 65 °C wash water, transported up inside the wash arms, through the optimized wash nozzles and sprayed over the pans with high water pressure. The Granules hit the surface of the wash ware more than 80 000 times every second.

This abrasive effect efficiently cleans the loaded pans in a matter of minutes, before the PowerGranules are separated from the water again in a separate compartment in the wash tank. The optimized rinse cycle that follows concludes the wash program and neutralizes any remaining micro bacteria with controlled volumes of 85 °C rinse water.

Clean pans in 2 minutes - no pre-washing.

Patented brand assures optimal removal, top wash results and durable machines.

PowerGranules is a patented brand of Granules developed by GRANULDISK.

  • Use PowerGranules with GRANULDISK potwashing machines for a tested and tried guaranteed top wash result. Read more

  • PowerGranules have the right characteristics; soft enough not to harm pans or the wash system, but hard enough to remove food - and the right shape and density to catch some speed and clean efficiently.

  • The two-colour mix differentiates PowerGranules from other brands, and also indicates the different size mix for optimal hit and removal rates.

The exact right shape and density.

The PowerGranules brand has undergone thousands of hours of development and testing to attain the exact right properties.

As a result, the Granules have the exact right shape and density to give a satisfactory wash result in use with GRANULDISK pot washers; hard enough to clean effectively, but at the same time soft enough not to damage the goods or the wash system.

In fact, they will rather polish the pans and in time, have everything shine like new.

The material used for the PowerGranules brand is approved for use in contact with food and harmless in case of ingestion.The material is in full compliance with the requirements of FDA (U.S. Food Drug Administration) for use in contact with food. 

One filling of PowerGranules is enough to wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 containers.

PowerGranules are used over and over again and will last for up to around 2 500 - 3 500 cycles, depending on most frequently used programs, machine type and what you wash. In more revealing numbers, this means you will be able to wash up to 20.000 GN 1/1 before you need to exchange the batch of PowerGranules in the wash tank.

Fill up regularly for top wash results.

To maintain the impeccable wash results you expect from a GRANULDISK potwasher, it is essential to alwasy have the right volume of PowerGranules in your machine. To be sure, simply check the granule level on a daily basis by evening out the Granules in the collector and checking the level against the markings in the sides. Top up with fresh PowerGranules if needed.

GD Memo keeps track of when to change.

GD Memo keeps tabs on number of run wash cycles and reminds the operator when the PowerGranules are worn out and it is time for a Granule exchange.



  • 10 litres | # 22633
  • 20 litres | # 22634

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