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A great solution - Now even better.

- 100% Fossil free

- Biobased - Made from plant oils and mineral salt

- Biodegradable - Because of its special composition


PowerGranules BIO® is our brand new Granules optimized to be used in GRANULDISK pot washers.

PowerGranules BIO is pure power - eliminate pre-washing - forever. 
All while being kind to the environment.

What is PowerGranules BIO?

We've tested and tried for hours and hours, to find a Granule with the right shape, density and size, to efficiently clean your wash ware. All while being kind to the environment. PowerGranules BIO is a bio-composite, made from 100% renewable materials. 100% fossil free!

It has the right characteristics because of its special composition; biodegradable and soft enough not to harm your pots and pans, but hard enough to remove burnt food.

PowerGranules BIO is approved for use in contact with food and harmless in case of ingestion. The material is in full compliance with the requirements of EU and FDA (U.S. Food Drug Administration) for use in contact with food.

Saving the planet is what we 💚 to do.

Our smart solution use in average 70% less water, chemicals and energy than any other pot washing method. With the introduction of biobased PowerGranules BIO our award-winning technology becomes even more sustainable. Our new Granule is cutting-edge technology at its best. Something we're very proud of.

Choosing PowerGranules BIO means that the environmental footprint for our customers becomes even smaller. 

Enough to wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 containers.

PowerGranules BIO are used over and over again and will last in average 2500 cycles, depending on programs, machine type and what you wash. In more revealing numbers, this means you will be able to wash up to 20 000 GN 1/1 before you need to change the batch. 

Fill up regularly for top wash results.

To maintain the impeccable wash results, it is essential to always have the right volume of Granules in your machine. To be sure, simply check the Granule level daily.



  • 10 litres | # 26602

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