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Choosing GRANULDISK is choosing pure power, tremendous water savings and more space for other, more revenue-generating activities. It also means a different mindset and some changes of plans - but all for the better! Doing away with the need to pre-wash and soak pots and pans before putting them in the dishwasher simply means doing away with endless rows of sinks and not having to put up with stacks of pans soaking all around the wash room.

In other words - lots of space, effort and time to dedicate to more important tasks. How will you re-organise your day?

A modern and innovative take on pot washing with Granule Technology.

Granule Technology offers a way to automate the manual effort otherwise needed to wash pots and pans. By utilising the mechanical grinding effect created by high-pressure water mixed with PowerGranules, even dried or burnt-on food and other residues can be removed in minutes without resorting to pre-washing, soaking or scrubbing the pans before placing them in the washer.

More space, less build-up of clutter.

With pre-washing out of the picture, there is no longer any reason why there should ever be stacks of dirty dishes. When placing dirty pans straight into the dishwasher is just as easy as loading them onto a table top, the dishes can be over and done with straight away - problem solved.

With less build-up of dirty pots and pans creating a lot of clutter, the operation as a whole will give a much more organised and clean impression.

More Space, Less Sinks.

Granule power is so efficient that there is no longer any need for pre-washing, soaking or scrubbing pots and pans - which means there is no need to plan for rows and rows of large, water-guzzling sinks. Instead, you can plan for other, more revenue-generating activities.

Flow, adaptability and natural separation of clean and dirty areas.

A carefully considered flow from dirty to clean is the only way to operate in a commercial kitchen, and it all comes down to thorough planning.

Separate the clean from the dirty.

Our pass-through hood-type models offer a natural separation of dirty and clean due to their pass-through design. With tables on each side they also create a fast, efficient and fluent potwash area.

Need for speed? Get higher capacity and faster flow with trolley systems.

A system with one or more trolleys and mobile cassettes, baskets or inserts permits faster handling and multi-tasking. Several of our systems are upgradable, to add capacity as your business grows.

Compact living - for the space-challenged operations.

Short on space? Try a compact, low-height, stand-alone solution with built-in loading table. Apart from being able to get rid of the soaking sinks, the only space occupied will be the actual floor space the dishwasher covers.

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Choose from the broadest range of Granule pot washers on the market.

Every kitchen operation is unique and the GRANULDISK range has something to fit them all. From smaller kitchens, to large scale production kitchens - no matter the size or type of utensil setup, there is a Granule solution for you.

Customise with accessories.

Each of the washers can be further customised for a perfect fit. Choose from a wide selection of smart accessories, each perfectly adapted to fit a specific need.

Which model should I choose?

Deciding on the right model for a specific establishment all comes down to the number of meals per service, what kind of washware you need the GRANULDISK wash solution for and how much time you have allocated to washing up. Contact GRANULDISK or one of our authorised dealers for a site survey and suitable model recommendation.



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High demand for capacity, reliability and hygiene.

Stringent demands are common to all commercial kitchen operations. For foodstuff and equipment, as well as for flows and processes. Everything has to work, and it has to be safe for the people who work and eat there.

Winner of

"Heavy Water/Energy Saving Award"

HOFEX International Exhibition, Hong Kong


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Planning a new kitchen? Check out our free Designer Portal.

Are you a kitchen consultant or designer in need of help, materials or info for your next project with GRANULDISK equipment? Then you should definitely check out our Designer Portal. It offers a lot of helpful information and tips and is easily accessible online whenever you need it.


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