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"The machine from GRANULDISK is by far the best machine
that I have come across. So many others claim they can do the job,
but seldom deliver - but this machine absolutely nails it."

Jon SMITH, Executive Chef Manager, Cranleigh School, Cranleigh


Executive Chef Manager, Jon SMITH, at Cranleigh School, a large and very busy public school, wanted to update their existing and very dated pot wash area adjacent to the main kitchen.

After installing a Granule Maxi® staff are now using the machine to its full potential, relieved that they no longer need to pre-rinse or soak any of the gastronorms or pans. Instead, they simply scrape them free from loose food debris and load into the pot washer, which washes them spotlessly and hygienically clean in about 2 minutes.


“– The machine from GRANULDISK is by far the best machine I have come across. So many others claim they can do the job but seldom deliver - but this machine absolutely nails it.


- It has made the kitchen porters' lives so much easier with no pre-washing: they just scrape and put it in the machine.


We see massive time savings as we free them (porters) up to assist in the main kitchen, supporting the chefs. It also makes their job far more interesting and diverse as training in the kitchen operation becomes much more likely", says Executive Chef Manager, Jon SMITH.



Cranleigh School is a leading co-educational weekly boarding and day school. All staff and pupils eat together in the dining hall, with year groups having timed slots to avoid queues. Cranleigh prioritises good diet and nutrition and a range of healthy, nutritious food is provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Top 3 benefits:

• Less hard work - better working conditions for the kitchen porters

• Time savings - less time spent on pot washing, porters can help out more in the kitchen

• Motivated staff - more diverse tasks for the porters and training in the kitchen more likely

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