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"GRANULDISK gives us a saving on labour costs and a consistently high standards with a great wash result every time."

Mr Raymond Killick, Head Chef, St Anne’s College, Oxford






Having spent 10 years in a temporary kitchen environment, Ray Killick and his team were happy to get the keys for their new kitchen. It meant that they had a better and safer environment to work in as they provide up to 2,000 meals a day, including catering for the ‘High Table’ where the Fellows receive their meals in their refurbished dining hall.

When Ray Killick visited GRANULDISK at the Hotelympia exhibition he was very impressed with the wash result, so when the local dealer suggested using the GRANULDISK pot wash solution he was very happy to include a Granule Maxi® within the new pot wash area.

The Granule Maxi can wash up to 192 1/1 GN pans in an hour meaning that the kitchen porter was no longer required to stand at the sinks all day and wash pots, releasing him to do other duties around the kitchen. The solution also gives peace of mind that the pans will be washed safely and securely every time.


“– Before GRANULDISK, the pans would be left a long time before cleaning them, and we were using a lot of labour. It was very time consuming, so we needed to find a solution."



St Anne's top 3 benefits with GRANULDISK:


• Pans are returned back to the kitchen cleaner every time

• They are washed safely and securely and come back non greasy

• The pot wash area is more manageable and less cluttered


Sitting in the heart of Oxford, St Anne’s has changed in its short history more radically than many other colleges with far longer histories. The College was one of the first of the women’s colleges to admit men, in its centenary year of 1979, since then the proportion of women and men studying here has remained evenly balanced. Once a college famed chiefly for its strength in the Humanities, St Anne’s is now strong across the full range of academic disciplines: in the Social Sciences, the Life and Medical Sciences, and the Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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