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User Portals

Welcome to GRANULDISK User Portals.

Our user portals Design and After-Sales make useful documents and information such as user and service manuals, CAD blocks, software and public tender texts available for online access to all our partners, 24/7 - regardless of country, time zone or day of the week. What you need, when you need it.


After-Sales Portal.

To access our After-Sales Portal you need to be a certified GRANULDISK Service Partner. You can always apply for a free account, but whether or not you get access to the full portal is decided by GRANULDISK Aftersales managers in an approval process.

Service manuals, user manuals, spareparts list... Our After-Sales Portal lists vital information to any service technician working on GRANULDISK equipment. The portal lists user and service manuals, software, sparepartlists new and old models as well as contact information to each of our Aftersales managers.

Design Portal.

Create a free account on our Design Portal  and get instant access to user manuals, public tender information, CAD blocks and more.

User Manuals, CAD Blocks, Tips & Tricks... Find anything you need to specify GRANULDISK in your next project here, along with useful information and tips on how to plan for a GRANULDISK Granule potwasher.