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GRANULDISK wash systems comply with industry guidelines and standards issued by DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung - German Institute for Standardization) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). GRANULDISK wash solutions use high temperatures to guarantee hygienically clean washware instead of overdosing with harsh and corrosive chemicals. By ensuring an adequate surface temperature of washed items through an optimised final rinse cycle, we supply an eco-friendlier washing-up operation that provides a cleaner environment - inside and outside of your operation.

Clean design for clean operations.

If you want a clean operation the equipment you use needs to be easy to clean, otherwise you waste time. No one should waste more time than necessary in order to maintain a tidy operation.

Easy to reach, easy to clean - designing with a focus on ease-of-use.

GRANULDISK contributes to a clean operation with less hygienic hazards by designing products with smooth, clean lines that prevent accumulation of dirt and bacteria and that are easy to keep clean.

Components inside the machine that require daily attention and cleaning are made easy to access and clean in order to keep the dishwasher neat and tidy and ensure hygienically clean wash results.

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More hygiene, less chemicals.

By using high temperatures to secure hygienically safe wash results instead of overdosing with chemicals, GRANULDISK provides a more sustainable washing operation that provides a healthier environment - both inside your wash room and in terms of keeping the environment clean.

Computer-controlled wash & rinse temperatures guarantee hygienically safe wash results.

The finalising rinse cycle rinses the washware with fresh water at a temperature of 85°C. The rinse cycles are optimised to use a specific volume of water and rinse the washware for a specific amount of time in order to ensure hygienically safe wash results where the surface temperature of the washed items maintains a temperature of 72°C after a completed wash programme.

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Smart operating system for excellent HACCP control and reminders.

Interrupted wash cycle, water temperature, when was the water last changed? These are a few of the things we believe you should never have to worry about. So we made sure our machines do it for you. You just carry on with your other tasks and we'll take care of the washing-up.

Always on top of HACCP.

GRANULDISK wash systems log information, such as wash and rinse water temperature, for up to 200 wash cycles. The information can be accessed and viewed directly from the user panel and exported to a USB stick for further use and storage.

Automatic reminders for change of water, PowerGranules and preventive maintenance.

GD Memo is a reminder function that helps keep track of the number of completed wash cycles and reminds the user when it's time to change PowerGranules, wash water or schedule preventive maintenance.

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