Talk to a Hygiene Expert - talk to a GRANULDISK professional about hygiene in the pot wash area

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Talk to the Hygiene Expert.

Need help and advice on how to secure safe washing and sanitised wash results in your ware washing?
You've come to the right people. We have over 30 years' experience of focusing solely on pot washing - and we're happy to share our thoughts and advice on your situation.

Hygiene and sanitisation have always been a top priority for us at GRANULDISK - as it is for you when it comes to catering for a large number of people. In light of current events, the topic has now gained increased awareness and is perhaps more important than ever.


Our hygiene expert, Keith BROADWAY CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional), has extensive experience from the commercial kitchen scene and started out working as a chef before moving on to the supplier side. He has spent the last 10 years with us at GRANULDISK, focusing solely on running a smooth, sustainable, and safe pot washing operation and has helped thousands of customers to a leaner, cleaner way of working.


What is the difference between cleaning and sanitising? Why is it important to organise your pot wash area to separate dirty from clean? What does it take to defeat bacteria and viruses?

We invite you to book an online session with Keith, where he will be able to assist and share some of his in-depth knowledge with you.


Are you facing any particular challenges? We're happy to and can easily adapt your session to cover any special requests related to your business. Explain your hurdles prior to the meeting and we’ll be sure to take a closer look at it during our session.


Sessions in French, German and Swedish
Would you like to talk to us in another language? We're able to guide you in other languages such as German, French, Swedish as well. Contact us with your needs and we'll get back to you with suggestions.