"We wanted something new and exciting and found Granuldisk"

Russian Premium Partner Melius about their cooperation with Granuldisk and more.

Russian Melius was on a hunt for a partner with innovative products that could excite and intrigue their customers.

– I wanted something completely new for the Russian market. Something that no one else had in their portfolio, says Petr Sulitskiy, founder and CEO at Melius Group Ltd.

Granuldisk and Melius. Two companies that have been working as partners for two years now. A perfect match and fit apparently. Up to this day Melius, a Medical and HoReCa equipment company, has provided more Granuldisk solutions to the Russian market than other more established partners have done in their countries and regions. An impressive success that hopefully will continue and grow.

When Melius found Granuldisk they were on the lookout for a new exciting premium brand with reliable and efficient products. Granuldisk seemed interesting but Melius wanted to be sure that this was the right company before deciding on a partnership.

We made a thoroughly detailed analysis before making the decision to become partners with Granuldisk. We reviewed the quality, price, potential in the Russian market, and visited the headquarters and factory in Malmö, Sweden. We were also introduced to happy Granuldisk customers which was very useful to us when making the decision.

Mr. Petr Sulitskiy - Founder & CEO, Melius Group Ltd. Russia
Quote Images Petr Sulitskiy

Creating dealer networks

Melius Group Ltd. is a group of companies founded in 2014 by Petr Sulitskiy. It consists of different business units. Melius Medical is currently the leading company in Russia when it comes to providing medical equipment for the healthcare sector. The group has more business units and specializations where Melius Horeca is one. They coordinate new projects and supply equipment for catering, hotels, restaurants, centralized kitchens, supermarkets, and food factories.

– We develop dealer networks and represent foreign premium brands like Granuldisk, Convotherm, Dieta, MenuMobil, and Scanbox in Russia. We help our dealers with managing and booking projects, providing showroom, sales, and technical training, and offer our expertise and help with the end customer visits, Petr Sulitskiy explains.


Why should customers choose technology from Granuldisk?


– For us, it is very important to work with modern technology and for pot washing that is Granuldisk without a doubt. We want efficient and reliable equipment in our portfolio that saves resources and has a fast ROI, says Irina Trushina, Head of Dealers Department & Product Marketing at Melius Horeca.

– Our customers can receive a lower price when choosing other companies’ portfolios and expertise. But when choosing us and choosing Granuldisk they get something different. They will receive the best technology and the greatest savings. We cannot help everyone, but we can help customers that expect the best solutions, best service, and best projects, says Petr Sulitskiy.

We like that Granuldisk is focused on pot washing instead of trying to be the best when it comes to a wider range.

Irina Trushina - Head of Dealers Department & Product Marketing, Melius Horeca, Russia
Quote Images Irina Trushinal


How has HoReCa in Russia been hit by the current pandemic?


– The industry suffers. A lot of restaurants have closed, and the prognosis is that 75% of all the restaurants will go bankrupt before the pandemic is over. People go less to restaurants and order more takeaway. People find home delivery convenient and there will probably be fewer restaurant visits even after the pandemic is over. The problem is that all restaurants cannot adapt to the new situation. Like luxury restaurants. You go there to receive a whole experience, not only top-quality food, says Petr Sulitskiy.


But the restaurants are still open, and Russia is not in lockdown?


– No, there is no general lockdown. We had one in May and it lasted for about one month. It is very costly, and I do not think we are going there again now. As for restaurants and nightclubs, they are open until 11.00 pm. This is also a problem, especially in big cities like Moscow that never sleeps. A lot of their earnings are usually made after 11.00, says Petr Sulitskiy.


Will manual pot washing still exist in Russia in 10 years? 20 years?


– Unfortunately, we think that this resource consuming way of washing will still be around. Although with hygiene requirements being even more important, we predict it will be less common than now, says Irina Trushina.


What are the next steps for the partnership between Melius and Granuldisk?


– We will continue promoting and specify Granuldisk in upcoming projects. Everyone should know about Granule pot washing and how it can benefit their kitchen. We have a great relationship with Granuldisk, and we feel that our companies work well together. There will be many great possibilities in the future and together we will help our customers to great success in their pot washing area, says Petr Sulitskiy.

Granuldisk represented by Melius at HORECA exhibition in 2019.

HORECA 2019 Melius Image And Text 840X840

Melius Group Ltd.

Location: Moscow, Russia
Founded: 2014
Partner since: 2018
Does: A group of companies that among all supply’s equipment for HoReCa, Health care,
and laboratories. Creates and supports a network of dealers and represents premium brands in Russia.
Employees (group): 50
Website: www.melius-team.ru

5 best things with solutions from
Granuldisk according to Melius:

  1. Reliability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Fast ROI (Between 1-2 years)
  4. Perfectly sanitized wash results
  5. Resource-saving

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