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Fast and Efficient Cleaning for Industrial Processes.

Our unique cleaning method has found use beyond the commercial kitchen scene. GRANULDISK offers a smart, sustainable and profitable solution for most businesses and cleaning needs - both from an economical and environmental perspective, with or without Granules.

What do you need to clean?

Rescue Services / Defence.

For the Rescue Service we have a market leading product that cleans and decontaminates SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses) and other gear – Solo Rescue.

Read more about Solo Rescue here.

Food Industry.

Simple, safe and hygienically secured cleaning of equipment in the food industry with a tailored solution from GRANULDISK. Wash dairy equipment, meat grinders, plastic crates, baking sheets, curing grids etc.

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Mechanical Industry.

Fast and simple cleaning of both equipment parts and finished components can be done with a customised solution from GRANULDISK. We offer industrial washing machines, chamber washers, washer for small parts, component washers, workshop washer etc.

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