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WASH IT Live in a Kitchen Near You.

When it comes to Granule pot washing, you really have to see it to believe it. A Live Wash demonstration is where we take you to a real kitchen or showroom near you and demonstrate how the GRANULDISK concept works - in real life.

Seeing it live gives you a better understanding of the technology, its benefits and precisely how we manage to eliminate any pre-washing, soaking or scrubbing. Forever.

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How Does It Work?

This video shows a GRANULDISK pot washer (Granule Smart®) in action in a kitchen - similar to what you might experience during a Live Wash visit.

Flexibility and Multitasking with the Granule Maxi Free Flow Edition.

This Live Wash video features a Granule Maxi Free Flow Edition, which uses a system of cassettes and trolleys to maximise efficiency. Load one cassette while the machine washes the other.