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Industrial warewashers

Professional warewashing machines

Every kitchen is different, but all of them share the same priorities – hygiene, efficiency, and sustainability. We have a range of commercial dishwashers to choose from, so you can find the one that meets your specific needs while ensuring that all of your priorities are met.

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Ware washers

Our ware washers manage to take care of your dirty pots and pans easier, faster, and more sustainably than any other pan washing method available today. The range are to meet the need of everything from small to large customers...

Granule Maxi

Granule Flexi

Granule Smart

Granule Gastro


Our new innovative range of dishwashers are designed to be easy to use and deliver efficient wash result, while consuming a minimum of natural resources.



Combinated Ware washers

The best of two worlds, what could be better than that? With our combinated ware washers you get the power of a pot washer but also the delicacy of a dishwasher. More flexibility in your ware washing area...


Granule Combi

Granule Smart +


Supportive services for your ware washing area, or interested in having access to a professional ware washer in your kitchen without any worries or concerns. Check out our section on services to find new ways to harvest the benefits of our products in the most convenient way...


Save Per Use


Our official granule is developed to be the perfect partner for your Granuldisk ware washer. Here you´ll find the different options that we offer...

PowerGranules BIO

PowerGranules Original


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At Granuldisk, we’re proud of our performance. We want you to be able to experience it first-hand and see all the benefits that our ware washers provide. With a live wash, we will talk you through our technology, and what it can do for you.

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At Granuldisk we offer a wide range of powerful commercial dishwashers. Whether you might call them pot washers, tray washers, or utensil washers or are on the hunt for passthrough dishwashers, hood-type dishwashers, or even a heavy duty dishwasher chances are, we have something for you. Browse our different products to find a perfect fit for your commercial kitchen, or contact us to book a demo to learn more !

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