Save Per Use

A new convenient way to finance your Granuldisk solution

Save Per Use is a convenient, easy and secure way to finance your Granuldisk industrial dishwasher.

With this new financing concept, you will save money with every wash and get security from the very first day. The fixed monthly fee covers everything and is actually even lower than the savings you will make thanks to a reduction in water, energy, and chemical consumption, and fewer man-hours in the dishwashing area. 

Premium result and quality

Top quality, outstanding washing result, and high performance. Pure Performance!

No initial investment

You get a complete solution from Granuldisk without even having to invest.

No risk!

Protect yourself from unforeseen expenses. With Granuldisk Save Per Use, there are no extra costs for maintenance or repairs. You pay a fixed monthly fee - we take care of everything else.

Flexible or fixed contract

Choose between a flexible contract with 3 months cancellation at any time or a fixed 5-year contract. After the 5 years are up, continue at a lower cost or start a new 5-year contract with a new machine and the latest technology.

One price - all -inclusive!

The cost of the machine is included in the monthly fee, which in total will be lower than the savings you make in the form of water, energy, chemicals, and working hours.


Download the price list to learn more. We will contact you shortly to follow up on any questions. (Please note that prices are in EUR and valid for Sweden and Germany - for other markets, please consult your Granuldisk representative)

By downloading this document you give Granuldisk permission to collect and store your personal information and allow Granuldisk to make additional contact. You can withdraw your approval at any time by contacting Granuldisk in accordance with GDPR and Data Protection.


Want to see it live?

At Granuldisk, we’re proud of our performance. We want you to be able to experience it first-hand and see all the benefits that our pot washers provide. Meet us in a local showroom, reference kitchen, or join us via live stream and we will talk you through our technology, and what it can do for you.

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