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Commercial dishwashers for hospitals and nursing homes

Warewashers for hospitals, elderly and nursing homes

Protecting people at their most vulnerable is always a priority. Our pot washers help ensure the highest food-safety standards from the very beginning, while the reduced energy and water requirements improve sustainability.

A woman serving a patient

Time to focus on what matters

Managing dietary restrictions, according to schedules and on top of that serving all meals of the day demand high logistics skills and meticulous planning. With the right tools in place, you can be sure that your operation will run smoothly and avoid interruptions that risk crippling your flow. Commercial kitchens today are more advanced than ever, but ware washing often seems to have been left behind. With granule technology, you take it to the next level and can start reaping benefits like more time and resources, while enjoying impeccable wash results day after day.

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On top of hygiene and food safety

In environments where a lot of individuals spend a lot of time close to each other, hygiene becomes paramount as any infection can spread quickly. Granuldisk solutions produce perfectly sanitized wash results that pass some of the toughest food safety parameters in the industry. With hygienically clean kitchen utensils you secure food safety from the very beginning and can be sure to serve good, nutritious, and safe food to your patients.

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Kitchen staff taking care of the ware washing in a Granuldisk Combi

Ergonomic and easy to use

Granuldisk ware washers are easy for anyone to operate and ergonomically designed as to not put unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders. We create a better work environment and make the job less hard, which in turn leads to less sick leave, happier teams, and improved staff retention.

A lot of pots and utensils needs to be washed

Wash all kitchen utensils with ease

Easily wash everything from pans, oven dishes, and grids to whisks, ladles, bowls, and more in our powerful pure pot washers. Chose one of our combination models that combine our powerful granule technology with traditional washing-up techniques if you also need to wash occasional plastic and crockery ware, non-stick items, cutlery, serving dishes, etc.

Take a closer look at our powerful solutions

These 3 models are often popular with our healthcare clients. Choose your model based on wash needs, workflow, and the space available.

Granule Smart

Granule Smart is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 400 to 1,500 meals per day. It's a high-performer for its size and fits in less than 1 sqm. Available in four ...

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Header Image 290X450 Granule Smart

Granule Maxi

Granule Maxi is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 400 up to 3000 meals per day, and is available in three different editions: Compact, Flow, and FreeFlow. Each e...

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Granule Gastro

Granule Gastro is a high-performing pass-through granule ware washer that suits GN-based operations ranging from 200 to 1,000 meals per day. Comes with a careful selection of standard accessories a...

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Header Image 290X450 Granule Gastro