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When investing in equipment for your operations, getting a return on the invested money quick is one of the most important aspects. With the investment done in a Granuldisk solution, you will see savings from day one and the return of your invested money quickly. 

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From wasteful necessity to profitable hub

We’ve built our existence on helping commercial kitchens just like yours turn pot washing from a costly, wasteful, and messy business that is eating away at your profit while leaving a ghastly environmental footprint - into a lean, sustainable, and contributing hub that improves flow, profitability, and sustainability for your entire foodservice operation.

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Fast return on your investment

By saving on valuable resources in combination with fewer hours spent washing pots and pans our customers enjoy lower running costs and a fast return on their investment - often within 18-24 months.

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With a reduced amount of water in the pot washing process you also use less energy related to heating. Simple but smart.

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Saves on average 70% water compared to manual washing in sinks. Water and money that can be put to much better use elsewhere.

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As Granuldisk solutions rely on blasting power to scrub the pans clean and temperature to sanitize, less chemicals are needed and money saved.

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Clean wares in as little as 2 minutes without pre-washing. Let your staff focus their time and effort on more rewarding tasks, as the machine does the dirty job - faster and better than humans can.

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    Wash up to 8 GN1/1 in one cycle - up to 192 in an hour! Pans returned to production quicker means you will need fewer pans in total and in turn can cut back on storage space, in favor of more revenue-generating activities.

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    Happier and healthier staff is more productive, loyal, and more likely to stick around. Taking out the heaviest tasks will improve work conditions. By doing so you are more likely to keep your most valuable resource, your trained and beloved staff. This is a great way to save money. 


Find out what you would save

Curious about what you would save by switching to a Granuldisk solution in your kitchen? Let us calculate your savings in a Business Evaluation and find out!

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