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Sharing 30 years of pot washing know-how

Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint and at the same time save a lot of water, chemicals, and energy? Does your pot-washing area need refurbishing? Need an update on the hygiene challenges in a kitchen?

If the answer is 'YES', please join us in one of our open webinars.


An introduction to sustainable ware washing

During 90 minutes we will guide you on how to turn your pot-washing area into a profitable hub with a focus on food safety and sustainable technology. There are many savings to be done, not only for the environment but also a lot of time, space and at the same time achieve good working conditions for your staff.

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    • Overcoming hygiene challenges

    • Eliminating waste and improving ROI

    • Introduction to Granule technology

    • Granule vs. water-based pot washing

At Granuldisk we love hygiene and one of our benefits is food safety. Learn about the hygiene challenges in a kitchen and why food safety is so important. The Granuldisk solution gives you a very quick return on investment. Our pot washers are not only equipment but solutions to many of the challenges in the pot washing area.

Our webinars are free to joining and on almost every Thursday - 09.30 (Central European Time).
Join us and learn something new!