Granuldisk Academy

"Sharing knowledge to drive change"

We believe in the power of knowledge to drive change, as you cannot change what you don't know. By building awareness of the wasteful business that is ware washing - while at the same time presenting a far more sustainable alternative - we believe that we can help make a change for the better, and make a difference for our future society, and the planet.

In short: our technology will change your kitchen. Together, we can change the world.

Granuldisk Academy is for anyone operating, selling, or servicing Granuldisk equipment. Whether you are an end-user, a kitchen consultant, or sell or service Granuldisk solutions - one or more of our Granuldisk Academy classes is for you.

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Icon Academy Product Training

Product training Granule Range

Become an expert on Granuldisk solutions. Learn about the benefits, and get a full understanding of the Granule product range.

Course content

Pot washing area

Live wash demo


Product range

Planning / site survey

Service and quality

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Icon Academy Product TrainingX2

Product training X2

Become an expert on latest innovations within Granuldisk Lean Wash Center, such as X2. Learn about the benefits and features and how to operate the machine.

Course content

Why X2 Lean Wash Center?

Who are our customers and what are their pains

Benefits of X2

Presentation of features

Operators training incl Live Wash

Why sell X2 Lean Wash Center?

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Icon Academy Operator Training

Operator training

Introduction on how to operate our washers in the most effective way.

Course content


How to load wash ware

Selecting programme

Daily cleaning

Daily check-points

GD Memo / Error codes

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Icon Academy Tech Training

Technical training

Become an expert on Granuldisk solutions and technology

Course content

Operator's training

Basic principles and components

Functions / settings

Installation / commissioning

Maintenance & service


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Icon Academy Sales Training

Sales training

How to become a better sales person in selling Granuldisk

Course content

Why sell Granuldisk

Who are our customers?

Know your audience

Sales tools

Service & quality

Hands-on practice

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