Case studies


Documented resource savings and customer stories

Although we may be very well aware of just how much time, effort, water, energy, and chemicals our solutions save for our customers we still struggle to convince newcomers that it actually is as good as it sounds. 

To prove our case we from time to time conduct documented case studies, where we install water meters to measure consumption before, and after the installation of one of our solutions. Here are some of the stories from real cases along the way.

Lemeridien Image And Text 840X840

Le Meridien Dubai

Granuldisk solution at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre led to 80% water saving, while the dirty to clean lead time for pots and pans is 50 percent faster compared to the manual method, and helps avoid dreaded build-up clutter.

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Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest

Granuldisk solution at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus led to 60% water savings.

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Grand Hyatt Singapore

Granuldisk solution at Grand Hyatt Singapore led to 66% water saving. The trial also proved that substantial time savings can be made by investing in a Granuldisk solution. Savings of 80% were made or 1,352 hours yearly.

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Gundel Restaurant, Budapest

Switching to Granule pot washing at Gundel Restaurant resulted in an 81% reduction in water consumption.

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Hermann liefert, Austria

Granuldisk helped this Austrian environmentally aware caterer save water, energy, and chemicals while at the same time cutting hours spent washing up by 70%.

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Ostrava City Hospital, Czech Republic

Granuldisk solution at Městská nemocnice Ostrava led to 51% water saving and means less staff now is needed in the washing up area.

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Villa Francis, Singapore

Leaving manual pot washing and traditional dishwashing behind for the benefit of a Granuldisk ware washing solution led to 45% water saving. The trial also proved that substantial time savings were made, and staff are now enjoying less time in the washroom and can perform tasks in other areas of the kitchen.

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Fazer Amica, Sweden

Granuldisk helped central production kitchen Fazer Amica in Kävlinge, Sweden to make life easier in the pot wash area, while saving water, energy, and chemicals and reducing their carbon footprint.

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