A wide range of applications

Granuldisk pot washers are ideal for a wide range of applications thanks to their flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and speed. Wherever your kitchen is, Granuldisk can help you to optimize your operation in a more cost efficient and sustainable way.


Dishwashers for supermarkets and deli kitchens | Granuldisk

If your supermarket has a kitchen offering customers quality meals to take away, you know that hygiene is paramount, while householding resources and efficiency are crucial for revenue. Our solutions can secure all of these crucial factors.

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Dishwashers for Hospitals and Nursing Homes | Granuldisk

Protecting people at their most vulnerable is always a priority. Our pot washers help ensure the highest food-safety standards from the very beginning of the production chain.

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Dishwashers for schools & catering in education | Granuldisk

Taking care of our future generations is one of the most important jobs in the world. Our solutions can free up more time to focus on flavour and nutrition while protecting the health of your students.

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Professional dishwashers for hotels | Granuldisk

The hospitality industry has long been finding new ways to improve sustainability and reduce costs. Granuldisk technology presents the next solution in water saving devices for hotels to further those goals.

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Commercial dishwashers for catering companies | Granuldisk

In catering, hygiene, efficiency, and reliability are key to being able to generate more business and get more work done in less time. Granuldisk solutions will do this while ensuring spotless dishes and kitchenware. In short, we can help you maximize productivity and profitability in your kitchen.

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Commercial dishwashers for canteens | Granuldisk

Cleaner, more hygienic staff catering is better for you, better for your employees, and better for your business. Granuldisk pot washers ensure your staff benefit from kitchenware that’s clean, safe, and ready to use.

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Commercial dishwashers for restaurants | Granuldisk

The kitchen is the beating heart of any restaurant, and Granuldisk solutions ensure that the heart stays healthy, hygienic and efficient. Our technology offers fast, reliable cleaning while reducing water, chemical and energy use. In short, it’s ideal for every kitchen.

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Commercial dishwashers for cruise ships | Granuldisk

Marine and offshore workers spend days, weeks, and sometimes months in an isolated environment, and any infections risk spreading quickly. Cleanliness and efficiency are key and Granuldisk solutions can help prevent outbreaks by boosting hygiene levels.

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Commercial dishwashers for the military | Granuldisk

Military kitchens are responsible for providing food rich in nutrition and energy while keeping a tight schedule and maintaining the highest hygiene standards. Granuldisk technology helps you succeed in all categories.

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