Sustainable ware washing

Clean with a clear conscience. Our ware washing technology helps you to put the planet first while restoring your pots and pans to their full glory - quickly and efficiently.

Sustainable ware washing means that you can secure the health and well-being of your staff, manage your time, and minimize the consumption of natural resources - all while running a profitable business. A sustainable solution in the truest sense of the word.


Sustainability in every aspect

Our solution takes care of the entire washing process inside of the machine and eliminates manual steps like soaking and scrubbing. With no taps running uncontrolled or manually over-dosing of detergent, you stay on top of your resource consumption and get perfectly sanitized wash result, every time.

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Clean in 2 minutes - no pre-washing, no waste

Granuldisk ware washing solutions mix PowerGranules, high-pressure water, and a small amount of detergent for an efficient mechanical scrubbing effect - sanitizing results using high temperatures. All in all using on average 70% less water, energy, and chemicals.

How it works
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Happier, healthier staff

Increase workplace safety and create a better working environment for your staff, by taking out repetitive, boring, and hazardous tasks. No more manual handling of harsh chemicals, scalding hot water, or heavy lifting. Just scrape, load and wash!

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More profitable

Turn pot washing from a costly and wasteful business that’s eating away your profit, into a lean, sustainable, and contributing hub that improves flow, profitability, and sustainability throughout your operation. Savings from day one, with a return of investment within 18-24 months.

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Impeccable hygiene

Eliminating cross-contamination, managing your HACCP compliance, and perfect wash results, every time. By moving the entire washing process into the controlled environment of the machine, you run less risk of human errors ever causing a dip in wash results, or jeopardizing the sanitization of your wash ware - and in the end, the well-being of your guests.

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