Granule Flexi
Granuldisk flexi

Pot Washers

Space-saving front-loaded pot washer for small to medium operations

Available in editions customized for washing à la carte utensils, or the GN range

Granule Flexi caters to the varying needs of small and medium-sized kitchens and is a versatile, compact, and efficient solution. Ideal for both the à la carte kitchen with a mix of pots, pans and utensils and for the pure Gastronorm kitchen - it all comes down to which edition you choose.

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Wash 4 GN 1/1 per cycle - up to 96 GN 1/1 or 192 GN 1/2 per hour. Wash with or without PowerGranules BIO®

Web Icn Water


Saves on average 520 litres per day, adding up to 155.000 litres per year.

Web Icn 2:30 Min


Clean wares in 2:30 minutes - pre-washing eliminated

Web Icn Chemicals


Saves on average 1 liter per day, adding up to 300 liters per year.

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Granule Flexi

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Flexible solution for production ranging from 200 to 500 hot meals a day

Granule Flexi is a front-loaded granule pot washer that fits operations ranging between 200 and 500 meals per day and is available in two different editions. Each edition comes with carefully selected standard accessories and can be further customized to your needs by adding one or more smart inserts.

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Granule Flexi Flexible Edition

This edition fits the kitchen utensil set up typical for an à la carte kitchen, with a wide range of pots, pans, skillets, bowls, and utensils. The interior enables washing on two levels, where the lower rack can be modified to load GN2/1 sheets or large, deep pots (max. 700 mm deep, Ø 500 mm – requires additional short spray pipe accessory). The flexible top rack can load a range of miscellaneous wash ware from the à la carte kitchen.

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Granule Flexi Gastronorm Edition

Granule Flexi Gastronorm Edition fits kitchens that work mostly with a setup of pans and containers mainly from the Gastronorm range. The interior enables washing on two levels, where the lower rack can be modified to load GN2/1 sheets or large, deep pots (max. 700 mm deep, Ø 500 mm - requires additional short spraypipe accessory). The top rack loads GN1/1-1/9 or GN 2/1, max. 200 mm depth.


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Web Icn Durable

3 cycles, 2 modes

Wash hygienically clean in minutes, using a minimum of natural resources! No pre-washing needed - just scrape and load, then choose cycle length and wash mode.

Web Icn Hygiene New

HACCP wash log

The control system stores vital HACCP data for up to 200 wash cycles. The data log can be accessed via the control panel display or exported to a USB stick for further use or storage.

Web Icn Reminders


The smart control system keeps track of the number of run wash cycles and reminds you when it's time to change wash water, granules, and to schedule your next preventive maintenance appointment.


Dosing equipment

Liquid detergent and rinse aid dosing dispenser with peristaltic pump and detergent dosing sensor is available as an optional factory-fitted add-on.

Web Icn Steam Reduction

Steam reduction

    Granule Flexi is equipped with steam reduction as standard, which contributes to a better working environment in the dish room and lowers ventilation requirements in the pot washing area.

Web Icn Ecoexchanger


    The add-on feature EcoExchanger cleverly combines steam reduction and heat recovery in one and improves the working environment while also reducing the energy needed for heating the wash tank.

    See the functionality of EcoExchanger here

Person scanning the SIMpel QR code


Let us introduce you to a feature that will make your work-life easier, whether you are an end-user or a service partner. We call it SIMpel. A smart tool that connects you with an online portal filled with all the relevant information about your Granuldisk ware-washer.

Read more about it!
GD Link2

Energy optimization with GD Link

GD Link is an energy optimization feature that can be fitted to all our granule-based ware washers and allows for the machine to communicate with systems that are based on the DIN 18875 standard.

GD Link enables connecting and controlling the machine through a central energy optimization unit, which helps to avoid any production disruptions in individual devices as the shutdown periods are computer-controlled and automatically reduced to a minimum. It also eliminates the instantaneous energy peaks that can happen when multiple types of equipment run simultaneously.

With the machine connected to an energy optimization system, you will minimize the overall peak load and at the same time minimize disruptions. GD link is possible to retrofit on all granule-based models dating back to 2015.

Talk to your local Granuldisk representative to learn more and order GD Link.

Granule Flexi technical details

Flexible Edition / Gastronorm Edition
Outer dimensions (H x W x D)
1,775 mm (±25) x 870/1836 mm x 1017/1379 mm
Wash programs with granules:
ECO: 2 min 30 sec/ Short: 4 min 40 sec/ Normal: 6 min 40 sec
Wash programs without granules:
ECO: 2 min 30 sec/ Short: 3 min 40 sec/ Normal: 5 min 40 sec
Hourly capacity max./normal (normal incl. handling):
96/76 GN 1/1 or similar in other pots. Max depth 200 mm.
Capacity per program:
4 GN 1/1, or 8 GN 1/2, or 1 x GN 2/1 + 2 x GN 1/1 or similar in other pots. Max. depth 200/150 mm.
Wash / rinse temp:
65 °C / 85 °C

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