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Pot Washers

Pass-through pot washer with high capacity for medium operations, prepared for table integration

Perfect fit for the GN-based production kitchen – customize with accessories for added variation

Granule Gastro is a pass-through model with automatic hood motion. Designed to be fitted with inlet and outlet tables, which creates a natural separation of dirty and clean sides and helps avoid cross-contamination. The rotating basket is optimized for the GN range. Easily increase washing flexibility by adding accessories.


(This model is only available on the European market.)

Web Icn Capacity


Wash 6 GN 1/1 or 1/2 per cycle and up to 156 GN1/1 or 1/2 per hour. Wash with or without PowerGranules BIO®

Web Icn Water


Saves up to 1,600 liters per day and up to 480,000 liters per year

Web Icn 2 Min


Clean pots and pans in 2 minutes - pre-washing eliminated

Web Icn Chemicals


Saves up to 3.5 liters per day - up to 1,000 liters per year

High hourly capacity for 200 to 1,000 hot meals per day

Granule Gastro suits operations ranging from 200 to 1,000 meals per day and is designed to be fitted with inlet and outlet tabling, which also naturally separates dirty and clean sides and helps to prevent cross-contamination.

The rotating basket loads most sizes in GN range and has a high hourly through-put for 65 mm deep GN1/1 pans. Add more baskets and smart accessories and inserts to extend your loading options and increase flow and capacity.

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Perfect for the GN-based kitchen

Granule Gastro is an especially good fit for operations where GN containers are used for the majority of the cooking. Granule Gastro is supplied with a circular stainless steel wash basket, that will load many different sizes of the Gastronorm range and even some pots and pans. Customize with accessories and inserts to increase loading options and wash a wider range of kitchenware and utensils.

Image And Text 840X840 Tabling

Integrate with tabling

Granule Gastro is a pass-through model, designed to be installed in a table configuration. In combination with the tables, it creates a fluent and smooth washing up area, naturally separating clean and dirty - a welcomed side effect that not only provides for a good hygiene procedure but also helps avoid cross-contamination in the pot washing area. Set it up either along-side a wall or in a corner. Download the Tabling - pdf brochure for information about connections (see top of page).


Ergonomic design and automatic hood

Automatic hood motion eliminates the otherwise repetitive task of opening and closing the machine between washes, and the control panel is placed to be easy to reach both in open and closed mode. The machine's interior has been designed to create as little resistance as possible so that the basket will effortlessly slide from the table and into the machine with only a gentle push. These are some of the ways Granuldisk products are designed with ergonomy and the user in focus.


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Web Icn Steam Reduction

Steam reduction

Granule Gastro can be fitted with an optional add-on steam reduction feature, which serves for a better climate and working conditions and lowers ventilation requirements in the pot wash area.

Web Icn Durable

3 cycles, 2 modes

Wash hygienically clean in minutes, using a minimum of natural resources! No pre-washing needed - just scrape and load, then choose cycle length and wash mode.

Web Icn Hygiene New

HACCP wash log

The control system stores vital HACCP data for up to 200 wash cycles. The data log can be accessed via the control panel display or exported to a USB stick for further use or storage.

Web Icn Reminders


The smart control system keeps track of the number of run wash cycles and reminds you when it's time to change wash water, granules, and to schedule your next preventive maintenance appointment.

Person scanning the SIMpel QR code


Let us introduce you to a feature that will make your work-life easier, whether you are an end-user or a service partner. We call it SIMpel. A smart tool that connects you with an online portal filled with all the relevant information about your Granuldisk ware-washer.

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Granule Gastro technical details

Standard Edition
Outer dimensions (H x W x D)
2,339 mm (±25) x 850 mm x 1,002 mm
Wash programs with granules:
ECO: 2 min / Short: 3 min 10 sec/ Normal: 5 min 10 sec
Wash programs without granules:
ECO: 2 min / Short: 2 min 40 sec / Normal: 4 min 40 sec
Hourly capacity max./normal (normal incl. handling):
156 / 120 GN1/1 or similar in other pots
Capacity per program:
6 GN1/1 65 mm depth or 3 GN1/1 up to 200 mm depth and 3 GN1/1 up to 65 mm depth or similar in other pots.
Wash / rinse temp:
65 °C / 85 °C

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